Flow rider board 40″ color – ballistic collage chaos top and bottom (surprise me)

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Product Description

Ballistic Flow Rider boards aka flow park boards.  Ballistic Bodyboards use only the highest quality polypropylene – polypro – cores.  Stringers – flat back flex stringers with double epoxy carbon fiber stringers for a total of triple stringer will give you the right memory to spring out of maneuvers quickly into the next one.  This will allow you to string a bunch of moves together quickly for quick combinations.   If you need a really flexible board for the barrel we offer a single flex back single stringer.   Boards with the  triple barrel stringer option are much more durable and better for the retro.  Single stringers will not last as long, but will have a lot of flex.   We use x-link soft link deck skin or PE traditional deck skins for a softer feel on  your body,  surlyn slick skins provide the best memory for your bodyboard riding giving you the best performance in the flow rider.  Get ballistic at your flow rider water park.   Don’t get left behind.

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 43 x 23 x 3 in

single flat back flex, triple barrel stringer system


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