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2 Tim 1:7 NO FEAR to ramp sections Chado punts 1
Chado Militante steers his vehicle with ease to come out and launch the section
Marcus Rodrigues MAUI MILITA owning TAHITIBallistic underground RIDERS
DeMarcus punting em straight out Ballistic styleeCass Sonoda cruising JackStance

HOPTONG SMITH (Waianae, Hawaii)
riding style = "anything"
years bodyboarding "as long as I can remember"
known best for = "airs"
Hoptong Smith has achieved legendary status from the serious surfing and bodyboarding legends on the west side of Oahu. Not an easy feat to achieve, but the stand up master aerialist is on the same level as Cavin Yap, Chris Won, and Danny Kim. The kid is setting up to be one of the most versatile riders in the world. Hoptong's a threat to any stand up in the world. 2'nd place stand up champ '99

Kaui Kauhi is back 2005/2006

PRO RIDER Kaui Kauhi
KAUI KAUHI (Waimanalo, Hawaii) photo
riding style = versatile (d.k. prone)
years bodyboarding = (~14 years)
favorite board = (Ballistic PitBull)

Ever since Kaui Took the National Championships at Trestles back in the early 90's he has exploded in the bodyboarding scene. A short boxing career and training put some serious weight on his frame but he still rips harder than when he was a grom. Prone or Drop Knee, Kaui Kaui is all about power surfing.
2'nd Place 1999 Drop Knee Championships, Pipeline

pro riders

home: Waimanalo, Hawaii

stance: prone,d.k., standup.

claim to fame = going big inches over dry reef at Half Point. All around bodyboarder yet to be dethrowned at his backyard HalfPoint, SandyBeach.

Armando Aquino, Tom Bunnel, Josh Medeiros, Jimmy Hutaff with Boards at Pipe.

Chad Militante Ballistic Batalion

Chad qualifies as elite status on the Ballistic
Batalion. . Hawaiian born and bred, and mentored by Jimmy Hutaff, and Leroy Kaiwi, Chad-O brings a new school flavor to the Ballistic team with his poweful, and aggressive
surfing style found in only a select few in this
world. Chad-O does things on a bodyboard that surfers can only dream about in their wildest dreams. He is very well possibly the
next measuring stick for bodyboarders world
wide. Switch foot d.king massive waves, and tackling the heaviest waves with cool confidence. Welcome Chad-O!
Chad-O model

Leroy Kaiwi, Ballistic Back Side perfection) photo Clay Rogers
Chad Militante charging

*Micah Mcmullin* (Laie, Hawaii)click
Has stepped it up and moved
He joins the ranks of Leroy, Chado, Eugene, Derek, and Kaui Kauhi.

Micah Mcmullin.  Ballsitic Team. photo Warren Anderson.  Check out for more.
Amateur TEAM Riders:
Burt Kuwahara (Kahului, Maui)
Marc Mondello, (Kahului, Maui)

Kalani Fabinal, (Waimanalo, Oahu)
Cole Hansen, (Waimanalo, Oahu)
Darryl Delagarza, (Waianae, Oahu)
Leroy Kaiwi, (Maui, Hawaii)
Chris Atkins, (Big Island, Hawaii)
John Kamai, (Waimanalo, Hawaii)
Kingston Harbottle, (Waimanalo, Hawaii)
Jens Coloma, (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Amateur TEAM Riders:
Paul Wooley
Josh Medeiros (Punalu'u, Hawaii)
Tom Bunnel (Hauula, Hawaii)
Armando Aquino (Laie, Hawaii)
Shannon Kirra
Darryl Delagarza

Marcus Rodrigues (Kahului, Maui)
Ryan da hawaiian Furutani(Honolulu)
Peni Dean (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
Mike Roth (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Mark Pelchat (Kaneohe Hawaii)
Brett (California, riding for A.S.)

Marc Mondello shifts his weight and burys the rail. (photo Clay Rogers)
Micah Da Hammah Mcmullin
some of da posse (l to r), Kalani Fabinal, Jens Coloma, Elia Akiona, Marc Mondello, Kea Kapoi, Jimmy Hutaff.
Marc follow through with power (photo Clay Rogers)
Burt Kuwahara Maui Team
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