Ballistic board co. Hawaii.  Custom bodyboards 100% hand shaped and designed in Hawaii by bodyboarders.  We have been shaping bodyboards and boards for serious wave riders since 1996.  With over 20 years combined experience, we are offering you the chance to getballistic with the 2020 line of Ballistic Boards!  We also have Soft foam Ballistic boards designed in Hawaii to take your riding to the next level.  Giving you the opportunity to take advantage of 20 years of experience.  We put in all the time and work figuring out what works best. You, the surfer get a quality , performance shape board hands down better than the competition at a fair price.

Enjoy the ride! We at Ballistic are constantly improving new materials, shapes, and designs for the cutting edge advantage to soft top wave vehicles.  Providing you quality bodyboards, hand boards and soft top surfboards, and flow rider boards.  All designs are quality finished & inspected by shapers one at a time. We focus on quality, performance boards that are responsive and durable, to maximize your surfing experience.  Also, all Ballistic Custom bodyboards and boards are shaped from start to finish in Hawaii by real wave riders and shapers. Don’t forget to check out our quality Ballistic accessories, such as Ballistic leashes, leash plugs.  The most durable, functional, one size fits all bicep leash on the market.      We take riding waves to the next level and it is our job to help you get there.  So don’t get left behind. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter board from the rest. Get a ballistic.   Getballistic
In the meantime as our site is getting finished, you can visit us on, instagram, email us or even text for order information.

Values, performance, and quality.

Performance Driven, Quality proven. BALLISTIC BOARD co.